Fuel Dispensing

Account Management

Simplify the task of account management and data analysis by using a central database and our RFID powered wristbands which help in recording data accurately

  • - Record the amount of fuel dispensed during each transaction
  • - Easily verify the cash submitted by the personnel against the number of real transactions done
  • - Manage and analyze the transaction data for each day using a central database system
Precision and Transparency

With our sophisticated wristbands, get the details of the fuel dispensed, right to the last drop.

  • - Monitor and review every transaction done at your station
  • - Complete transparency and precision ensured
  • - Analyze the performance of your personnel and station precisely
Reduction in Errors and Losses

Using our wristbands will ensure that everything goes according to your plan and losses are minimized.

  • - Eliminate errors due to manual data entry
  • - Minimize losses caused due to dishonest or inefficient staff
  • - Save valuable time and money

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