Health care

Patient Tracking

RFID powered tags and wristbands by IDTech can be used to track and authenticate patients, from new born babies to seniors or those in need of intensive care. You can enhance their safety, security and convenience using our world-class design and technology.

  • - Track new born babies, senior citizens or people in need of intensive care and surveillance
  • - Identify a patient and their medical record and update current information to the system easily
  • - Enhance bed-side care and precision in delivery of right medication to right patients
Asset Management and Tracking

Use the capabilities of our state-of-the-art RFID technology and latest designs to monitor, manage and track valuable assets at your clinic or hospital.

  • - Regulate inventory management and supply chain regulation of high-cost items
  • - Manage and track patient records or files easily with a central database
  • - Ensure the proper constitution and functioning of surgery kits
Authentication and Verification

Use our RFID powered innovative products to enforce quality control and reduce counterfeiting, saving lives and money..

  • - Ensure medication authentication, facilitating only the use of genuine medicines
  • - Maintain minimum standards for other healthcare products
  • - Secure the authenticity of your records and documents

Custom printed ID badges, wristbands and security passes from IDTech powered by our state­of-the­art RFID technology and design will give you the power to decide who gets access to your event.

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