RFID Access Control

RFID inlays, passes and wristbands designed by IDTech can be customized for sporting events to control access, enhance security and prevent counterfeiting.

  • - Regulate access, reduce queuing time and manage restricted area/VIP access
  • - Reduce losses due to touting, duplication or multiple use of tickets
  • - Strengthen spectator loyalty and enhance fan experience by using our guest recognition and cancelation compensation features
Asset Management and Tracking System

With our world-class RFID technology, monitor and manage all your sporting equipment and assets easily.

  • - Track your RFID equipped sporting accessories (such as golf balls) and locate them using a positioning system in real time
  • - Manage game day operations to ensure all hardware and software are in top condition and ready for the day's event.
  • - Track and manage your records and documents using a centralized database system .
Contestant and Event Management

Keep track of real-time updates and scores during the game using our RFID products. Reduce laboring costs and manual intervention or inaccuracy.

  • - Record racer’s real net times as they pass antennas throughout the course, as well as at the start and finish lines
  • - Record real time data, measure performances and update scores easily
  • - Allow fans and family to position themselves along the course to cheer participants on at different locations and present personalized messages of encouragement.

Custom printed ID badges, wristbands and security passes from IDTech powered by our state­of-the­art RFID technology and design will give you the power to decide who gets access to your event.

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